An inspirational quote relating to my life is supposed to go here, but I can’t think of anything.
— Mike McAbee

Mike McAbee doesn't have enough money to pay a real writer to do his biography, so he's writing it himself in the 3rd person which is fun, but a little creepy, just like him.

He was born in Dodgeville, Wisconsin during the Summer of Love (well, Late Spring of Love). His father was is a Lutheran Minister originally from Baltimore, Maryland, and his mother grew up near Sandusky, Ohio in Castalia. He moved around quite a bit as a child, but eventually wound up in Wittenberg, Wisconsin, a town know the world over for absolutely nothing.

It was at the county seat of Shawano that Mike won a free trip to Nashville at the dirt track races in 1981. After seeing Nashville, he figured if he started to learn to play the guitar then, by the time he was eighteen he'd be famous. So much for plan A.


At age eighteen, looking around and seeing he wasn't famous, he decided to go to college instead. He attended Luther College from 1986 to 1990. Well, attend is maybe a little too strong a word, I mean, he was there and everything. His band The PryOrrities played around the midwest during these years.

After nearly graduating from college, Mike was off to begin his twentysomething slacker generation X career as a Musician Dishwasher/Misunderstood Genius. Hey, if the demographic fits, wear it. He was poor, but happy. Oh no wait. He was just poor.

So it was off to Minneapolis, where after an extensive psychological evaluation and a grueling battery of aptitude tests, he was accepted to Northeast Metro Truck Driving School. During the next eight years, he was off to see America driving for several different companies and stopping only long enough to marry, procreate, and get divorced.

The spring of 2000 found Mike back in Decorah, Iowa, where he had gone to college some 14 years before. He decided to quit his job as a Trucker and become a musician.

Mike has been playing music for a living for 19 years now. He lives in Frankville, Iowa with his daughter Lula.